Ranges of products and service for vans and trailors  :



~> Complete door for new vehicles - lateral mounting or rear mounting
~> Replacement of flush door


~> Replacement of complete set of panels
~> Replacement of bottom panel (equipped with lock, handle etc...)
~> Replacement of intermediate panels with seal
~> Replacement of set of spring or complete balancer
~> Lot of spare parts (rollers, hinges, seals, cables etc...)

AMCO ENGINEERING, this is also new products and services which will come :

- Signs, marking of vehicles and visual identity.

- Secure lock for door of van and trailers.

- Geolocalisation solution

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  • Technical competences
Our more important investment: the men and their technicals competences, to offer you the excellence from a long experience with roll up doors for industrial vehicles intended for the road transport of good.
  • Technology
All techniques, from the conception to the forwarding of our products, while passing by the council, the study, the manufacturing, the assembly, and the packing have as finalities the best ratio quality/price as well as the respect of the deadline.
  • Fiability
The internal control of these processes enables us to provide you a model of doors of trucks (wooden roll up door) adapted perfectly to the dry transport vehicles.
  • Simplicity
The assembly of a standard wooden door AMCO is quick and easy: once the tracks and balancer fixed at the body, it has just put the panels (already equipped in factory with hinges, lock, handle, fasteners cables, top and bottom seal ...) to finalize the assembly in the tracks. The instructions of mounting which are clear, easy and perfectly illustrated installation contributes to simplicity and optimization of the assembly times. Moreover, if you need helps for the mounting, we can assist you by phone or in your workshop.
  • Spare parts and service after selling
Because we know that the time of immobilization of one vehicle is one of your MAJOR CONSTRAINTS (for maintenance and repair), we provide you WITHOUT DELAY all the spare parts for the standard doors of the market. This is as well for the parts in stock, as the parts requiring a manufacturing (parts on measure as panels for example).

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